Cadco Identic™ Dust-Free Alginate


Catalog #13 (Fast Set)

Catalog #14 (Regular Set)

  • Water loving, easy to mix formula.

  • Unsurpassed surface smoothness.

  • Produces orthodontic quality stone models with hard glass-like finish.

  • Sealed in one pound foil packs for extended shelf life.

  • ADA Certified, Type I and Type II.

  • Cinnamon scented.

  • Available in fast or regular set (please specify).


Cadco Alginator

Catalog #245

Ideal for mixing alginate or dental stone.  One speed motorized mixer spins bowl around spatula 300 times per minute for a smooth, bubble free mix. Easy to use, improves alignate gel strength, reduces waste and saves clean-up time. Includes one medium size mixing bowl for alginate, mixer, spatula and pump-bottle of Cadco 'Clean and Lube' spray.


Clean and Lube Spray

Catalog #19  

Silicone spray cleans and protects the Cadco Alginator Mixing Bowl. Extends bowl life and reduces wear.

Alginator Mixing Bowls

Catalog #17 (Medium size for alginate) Catalog #18 (Large size for stone)

Abrasion resistant. Threaded plastic base                                                                            firmly attaches to the Cadco Alginator.

Cadco Mixing Spatula

Catalog #646

Made especially for the Cadco Alginator                                                                               Mixing Bowls. Stainless steel blade, plastic                                                                           handle.