Cantilevered with Glide Bracket


Coronado A with Glide Bracket and Innovation Chair with C-9 Base


Cantilevered Glide Bracket allows the Coronado to be easily positioned, but will not drift. Easy accessibility to the drawers and instruments is provided within a very short reach.  


Del Mar has the area for the instrumentation shorter than a Coronado so that the 3-way syringe and air handpiece hoses can loop underneath. Optional: pull out work tray and 1/2" finger channels (instead of drawer pulls).


Glide Bracket attached to C-9 Base

Glide Bracket attached to C-9 Base

Locking cams on the Glide Bracket arms can be easily adjusted to set a stop for maximum forward and back. The angle of the cabinet in relation to the chair can also be adjusted and set.

All cabinets can be modified extensively with a wide variety of options.