Dome manufactures delivery units to your specifications. There are standard designs available, but you can change dimensions and add a number of options. If there are any features that you prefer and do not see on the Dome website, please ask. Dome can probably include those features on the Dome delivery units also. 


For information on an option, please click on a photograph below or scroll down.


Standard flat countertop is covered with laminate. Wilsonart® Chemsurf® is resistant to acid etchant and is available as an option.

22 inch Coroando.jpg

Bevelled non-roll top edge on three sides of laminated countertop.

non roll edge.jpg
ca with nonrolledge.jpg

1/2" Corian® countertop can be easily sanded and polished to remove shallow scratches.


1" Corian® countertop can have very rounded or less rounded corners.


3/4" Quartz countertop is more impact resistant and scratch resistant than Corian® and laminate countertops.

18 inch Coronado.jpg

Controls for two air handpieces (one with water)

Catalog #664 with self contained clean water bottle system

Catalog #665 with master water shut off valve in junction box for connection to city water

Both #664 and #665 Controls include DCI 3-way syringemaster shut off switch on panel for air and water, master air shut off valve /regulator /gauge for junction box.


Automatic air handpiece controls (with water controls) includes DCI 3-way syringe, master shut off switch for air and water, master shut off air valve /regulator /gauge for junction box and choice of self contained clean water system or master shut off water valve /regulator /gauge for junction box. 

DCI 3-way syringe with quick change autoclavable tip. Three tubing colors: Sterling (light grey), Dark Grey or Black.


HVE and Saliva Ejector have durable smooth tubing. There is a choice of 3 tubing colors: Sterling (light grey), Dark Grey or Black.

hve se.jpg

Vacuum solids trap is behind access door.

DCI self contained clean water system has 875 ml bottle.


Exterior power outlets and interior power outlets are ETL Listed in Dome delivery units.


Air female quick connects and Water female quick connects can be installed and each labeled with a color coded ring so that you know which quick connect is for air and which connect is for water.

DSCN1461 copy.jpg

Choice of drawer pulls: standard loop, bow style or custom drawer pulls can be installed.

pull roundcorners.jpg

drawer finger channels open.jpg

Finger channels have a clean, uncluttered look.

drawer finger channels closed.jpg

Stainless steel beaker recessed in countertop has a 3" diameter.


Trash drop is a 4" diameter plastic tube cleanly recessed in the countertop. A disposable plastic bag can be attached to the bottom of the tube.

trash drop copy.jpg

Recessed tissue dispenser box has a slot in the side of the delivery unit and an aluminum bracket inside to hold the box in place.

kleenex or glove dispenser slot.jpg

Chart holder (aluminum/laminate) is open on both ends and on top so that files can easily slide in. Powder coat painted inside, back side is covered with laminate.

alumium chartholder.jpg

Chart holder (acrylic/laminate) is available in 2 designs. Side chart holder is open in front so that files can slide in.  Back side chart holder is open on top. Acrylic chart holders can be made to the dimensions that you specify.

chart holder on back                             side chart holder  

chart holder on back                             side chart holder  

Pull out work surface can be made for the front, side or back of the delivery unit. Also available with a recessed archwire guide with clear acrylic lens.


Worktray #1 (in & out).jpg

Drawers are usually 8" or 12" ID wide to fit autoclavable drawer organizers. Custom height and/or width dimensions are available, sometimes without any additional cost.


Single row plier rack in drawer (for a 8" ID  drawer) can hold approximately 14 orthodontic pliers. White acrylic looks good and is easy to clean. Plier rack can be made larger for different width drawers.

drawer single.jpg

Double row plier rack in drawer (for a 8" ID  drawer) can hold approximately 28 orthodontic pliers. White acrylic looks good and is easy to clean. Plier rack can be made larger for different width drawers.

drawer-doublerow fix flip.jpg

Archwire holders for drawer. Standard sizes are 4" or 8" long.  White acrylic.


Standard drawer slides or self closing drawers?

Self closing drawers look beautiful and function well, but Dome usually installs standard full extension drawer slides instead. When there is a self closing mechanism hidden on the underside of the drawer, you will lose about 3/4" of inside height for every drawer (approximately 4" of storage height with a 5 drawer Coronado unit). Self closing drawers cost more than the standard full extension drawer slides.


What materials are recommended for cabinets covered with Formica® type laminate?

Plywood or MDF?.png

Bonding Formica (decorative laminate) to rounded surfaces: The Formica® Company states:

"Formica® brand laminate should be bonded to an appropriate substrate such as #45 density particleboard or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The use of plywood is discouraged whenever possible, due to the potential for stress cracking, shrinkback, and surface telegraphing problems."

The choice is yours: Dome will manufacture your delivered units with all plywood or with a combination of plywood and MDF for the same price


HVE tubing in front or off to the side?

Dome usually installs the HVE tubing out of the side of the Coronado unit so that the tubing can be longer and to reduce the clutter of tubing at your feet.  

The choice is yours.

hve hose locationx.png

Mobile Base for delivery unit can be made to the height that you specify.

mobile base crop.jpg

Mobile cart can be built to your specifications: custom dimensions for the drawers, number of drawers and the size of the countertop.

mobile cart.jpg
DSCN1067 copy.jpg

Articulating Arm with 2 or 3 holders for Saliva Ejector, HVE and 3-way syringe.

arm with 2 holders, #1.jpg
arm with 2 holders, #3.jpg