Manual Handle for Replacement Heads

Catalog #594


Manual Handle holds the Dome Replacement Heads. Strong nylon chuck, lightweight ABS plastic handle.


Replacement Heads

Catalog #4 thru #8


The patented Dome replacement heads assure easy attachment, positive hold and dependable abrasive quality. Available in the following types:

Abrasive Steel Carborundum Color
medium double side, 5 or 7mm white
medium right or left side, 5 or 7mm white
medium contour double side white
coarse double side, 5 or 7mm blue
coarse right or left side, 5 or 7mm blue

Color coded to abrasive type.  Pressure locks to Manual Handle (U.S.Patent #3624908).


Correx Gauges

Catalog #267 - 15/150 gm

Catalog #268 - 25/250 gm

Catalog #269 - 50/500 gm

These Swiss precision-made instruments are ideal for measuring intra or extra oral forces in tension or compression. Accurate measurements are assured by a second needle that stays in position to record the maximum force reading. Large, easy to read face.