Telescoping Pivot

(floor mounted for rear or side delivery)


Del Mar cabinet with Telescoping Pivot

Floor mounted column allows the cabinet to move back and forth and also to pivot.

Ideal for rear delivery: allows the cabinet to be adjusted for short and tall patients. When working two-handed, the cabinet is rotated to the operator's side and the instrumentation and the drawers are easily within reach. When working with an assistant, the cabinet is rotated to the assistant's side, but the work surfaces, air handpieces, vacuum and 3-way syringe are convenient to both sides.

                Rear Delivery


Side delivery: column with rolling bracket allows more flexibility than a stationary delivery unit. 

                 Side Delivery

Utility lines travel through the base column to eliminate messy umbilical lines on the floor.

Larger size base column can be a junction box enclosure with a large access panel.