Junction Boxes

Verify with local Building Department

Above Floor 

For installation in an office on the second floor (suspended concrete) or when a junction box concealed in the floor is not possible.  

Stainless Steel Junction Box Enclosure

Catalog #878

Stainless steel housing with plastic lid. Umbilical ports and on side. Dimensions are 14" x 9" x 4.5".


Laminate covered housing

Catalog #235

Choice of laminate colors and dimensions to your specifications.  Removable lid provides easy access.


Concrete Slab/Ground Level

Catalog #782 for C-2 Base, C-4 Base and 896 Electric Base

Catalog #738 for C-8 Base and C-9 Base

Catalog #236 for C-3 Base (with shorter ABS pipe)

Metal box is a concrete form.  There are tabs on the side of the box so that it can be leveled to grade with wood stakes before the concrete is poured.   Metal lid is included.  Carpet, linoleum or flooring can be glued to the lid and cut around the outside edge of the box to reveal only a thin seam on the floor.  

For the above floor chair bases (C-2, C-4 and 896), there is a pivoting elbow for the umbilical from the delivery unit and a grommet for the power cord from the chair base.  

For the bolted down chair bases (C-8, C-9 and C-3), there is a raceway tube for the utility lines from the junction box to the column of the chair base.