Keyboard Tray built into the countertop

Modified for a PC with a convenient keyboard tray and space for the PC chassis inside.

ca keyboard bulit-in_0000_front.jpg
ca keyboard bulit-in_0003_front keyboard open.jpg

Hides keyboard and mouse when not in use, but easily accessible. Drawer face for the tray provides wrist support while typing on the keyboard. Top of the cabinet and the keyboard tray are angled to allow easier access to the handpieces, syringe and vacuum.

The countertop can vary from 20” wide to 27” wide. If operatory space is limited, a smaller size PC chassis and a 2/3 size keyboard (without the number pad) can be installed.

Smooth rounded corners, flush drawer faces and white drawers are easy to clean and have a modern, streamlined appearance.

ca white bulit in keyboard.jpg
26in ca.jpg

Large vented service door on the back side allows easy access to the PC chassis. Vented panel has hidden screws.

PC chassis area is separated from the water in the utility area by a plywood partition. 

PC monitor cables go thru the countertop for a clean installation.

ca keyboard bulit-in_0004_back.jpg
ca keyboard bulit-in_0005_back open.jpg
ca keyboard bulit-in_0002_front open.jpg

 Access door for vacuum solids trap, water bottle system and air handpiece controls is conveniently located. The Coronado unit does not have to be moved away from the patient chair to add water to the bottle or to change the vacuum solids trap screen.

Coronado units with interior and exterior power outlets are ETL Listed.


Articulating Bracket




Monitor brackets:

UL550-D7 will support a 28 pound 'All-in-One' PC.

EV710 is rated for 22 lbs maximum.

Articulating Bracket is rated for 18 lb maximum.



PC brackets.png
PC brackets2.png